With Delicacy and Permanence (May 2017)

Live Solo and Short Film.                                                         10 minutes                                                                Directed, Choreographed, Edited and Performed by: Kayla Farrish                    Additional Camera Work: Maximillian Canion Hawkeye                           Premiered at Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance 

This was the first short film Kayla Farrish produced and directed. She had been writing and storyboarding cinematic concepts and music video/dance film for a couple years while living in New York. Within the opportunity of this solo creation, she experimented with how emotion and scene could fill the space extending into film.


Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (BAAD!) Boogie Down Series: “Dancin in the Bronx” May 2017 Bushwick Open Studios at Chez Bushwick- Film and Improvisation Exhibit September 2017 Hollye Bynum/Of Bones Dance Mouthfull- October 2017

With Delicacy and Permanence reflects the simmer of nostalgia. Its held in the memory of old love and the capability of it to reappear, as the intimacy, infatuation, and in betweens of new relationships bring you forward into the processing. There is this magical hyper-glow in the softening of your heart with the sharpness and hardness from experience, in contrasting duality. There is something suspending about the risk in those layers in our history of intimacy.

Reflecting on the beginnings of what I thought love was, I pay homage to those wild beginnings. I reflect on the new forming of myself that I couldn't comprehend yet. It led into heartbreak that bled in color, music, and unhinged movement. And the film broke through that longing and story- sharing the desire to be close and the breakdown of things not working out

“I need distance like your hand holding mine in the dark out of focus
I’ve been describing the stuckness of my heart/ A stagnant poise
Something inwardly bending in the folds of the erupting tides.”