Anchors of Iridescence Part I and II (Chez Bushwick Summer 2017) 

Two short films: duets/scenes between two women of color                                                               10 minutes                                                               Directed, Filmed, and Editing: Kayla Farrish                            Collaborators and Performance: Myssi Robinson and Dominica Greene                 Music: Solange and Nina Simone                                                   Premiere at Center for Performance Research in Brooklyn in September 2017         Writings: Kayla Farrish

Anchors of Iridescence speaks to ancestry, roots, and inherited weighted history. How women of color have historically taken on these oppressive care taking roles and kept pushing forward anyway. In whatever way possible, prayer, anger, anchored weight, love, effort, silence, and dance kept their light onwards. Questioning what community and support looks like among black women, the film exemplifies shared storytelling, grief, impact, and visibility. There is a tension between the past, the tension of our current societal circumstance, and the ability to make change.


Chez Bushwick Residency Performance at Center for Performance Research Bushwick Open Studios- Chez Bushwick- September 2017 Dance Film Deconstructed///Local Artist Program Curated by Lucy Kerr at BKSD- October 2017 Create: ART at Gallim Studios - October2017 Women’s Work Film Festival in Detroit, Michigan- May 2018

Anchors of Iridescence Part I Music: Solange

Part II Music: Nina Simone