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Spectacle- PREMIERE FALL 2018

Spectacle - November 2018

BAAD! Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance- Pepatian Dance Your Future Residency

November 9th and 10th, 8pm

New Work- Film and Live Performance

Following  a woman's journey through love and relationships, she comes up against  greater issues with sexuality, power, and the ability to connect. She questions roles and expectations of gender, and the asking of women to be the brunt of many of these intersections. Looking at ways of accommodating, how women and their bodies are perceived in society, and how to deal with trauma and the prevention of more, she finds a more honest version of herself. And she wants to fight for change-- for humanity.


Film Collaborators:

-Crew: Kerime Konur, Spencer James Weidie, Brittany Gabriel, Miriam Gabriel, Myssi Robinson

- Performers: Dare Ayorinde, Kayla Farrish, Kathy Farrish, Herbert Farrish, Ashley Farrish, Mallory Galarza, Emily McDaniel, Myssi Robinson, Ingrid Kapteyn, Matilda Sakamoto, Italy Welton, Sherah Shipman, Mikaila Ware, Evan Fisk...MAYBE Max Canion


Live Work: Miriam Gabriel, Myssi Robinson, Connor Speetjens OR Kerime Konur, Dare Ayorinde, Kayla Farrish,

Mentor/Producer: Hollye Bynum

Stage Manager: Kelbi Caitlin

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Additional Assistance: Assistant: Miriam Gabriel; Props-Myssi Robinson, Audio/Editing- Kerime Konur

Writer: Niya Love

Music: Vince Staples, Born Ruffians, Brockhampton, Phase, Emptyset, Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple,Yo Yo Ma, Roberta Flack, Nick Hakim

Script/Writer/Director: Kayla Farrish

60 minutes