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 SpeCTacle film and live production

Evening Length Interdisciplinary Work

Premiere: November 2018 at Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (BAAD!)

75 minutes - performance fusion of dance, text, theater, scene, music video, dance film, interviews, and narrative

Created, Directed, Screenwriting, and Editing by Kayla Farrish Major Collaborator: Kerime Konur

Made through Pepatian Dance Your Future: Artist and Mentor Collaborative Residency at BAAD!, and supported by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant

Live Performance Artists: Dare Ayorinde, Myssi Robinson, Samantha “Connor” Speetjens, Kerime Konur, Miriam Gabriel, Jessica Malat, and Kayla Farrish

Film Performance: Kayla Farrish, Dare Ayorinde, Evan Fisk, Yeman Brown, Bria Bacon, Mikaila Ware, Dominica Greene, Yasmeen Enahora, Ingrid Kapteyn, Emily McDaniel, Matilda Sakamoto, Italy B. Welton, Mallory Galarza, Sherah Shipman, Herbert Farrish, Ashley Farrish, and Kathy Farrish Camera Work: Kerime Konur, Brittany Gabriel, Miriam Gabriel, Spencer Weidie, and Kayla Farrish Additional Editing: Kerime Konur Music Editing: Kayla Farrish Prop Design: Myssi Robinson Live Feed Photo Projection /Interactive Technology Design: Keira Chang Lighting Design: Kelbi Carrig and Megan Frazier

Technical Rider Available upon request

Marisol Gordon Diaz 2018 (c)

Marisol Gordon Diaz 2018 (c)

Spectacle is an honest story and work that fights back. It fights back against sexual and emotional trauma, harmful patriarchal structures, roles and expectations, and American standards of beauty among the lens of women of color. I utilized these various mediums to ask for a vision of swooning, awe-inspiring love and its spiral, the small anecdotal relationships, views from other women to begin discussion, and ask the biggest question: "Why can I not have the same pursuits as men?" Sexualization, objectification, dehumanizing, manipulation, and accountability within intimacy and feeling are some contributors within our societal constructs.

Spectacle is my first evening length production. It as much film as it is live performance. Together they interact and speak to reveal and begin discussion.