Why I can’t hold strangers


Why I can’t hold strangers -June 2018

Danspace Food for Thought Program- Curated by Indah Walsh  June 28th

BAAD! Meet and Greet the Dance Your Future Residency Artists June 30th

Dance and short film

Challenging the denial of emotional power, the notion that feelings are weakness, and the rejected idea that women can own sensuality and sexuality with empowerment, we dive right into the force of the heart. Reflecting on questions with trauma in relationships, I looked at touch, proximity, the outside sexualization of the female body, and the consequences of this all. To give back ownerships of our bodies and sexuality, and to claim our emotions and experiences as truth; to not continue to be belittled.  In anthem, in march, in honesty, imagery, rage, song, and wild, she brings forward the power of the erotic and the power of womanhood in perhaps the final word. She narrows the distance between herself



Choreographed and performed by:  Kayla Farrish

Music: Sonya Kitchell, Feist, Sound Effects Library, Tommy Genesis, and song by Sam Cooke

15 minutes